About Us

M.A Traders Engineer Works is one of the leading and reputable manufacturer and services provider company for engineering and manufacturing tools. It provides customized solutions and services for its respectable customers. It is furnished with professional and experienced technical staff which is rendering their sophisticated services regarding equipment and projects of the electricity sector.

M.A Traders Engineer Works provides a full variety of scaffolding and gain access to solutions providing whole market coverage. We cover domestic, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and much more. We supply an inclusive range of scaffolding for rent and sale in Pakistan. we also deliver a widespread range of scaffold connected services including dismantle, erection, direct labor hire, project management, transport, and onsite consultation. M.A Traders Engineer Works also offer customized scaffolding solutions to the defense, aviation, and power supply industries and have established experience in grandstands and erecting scaffold phases and for various events throughout Pakistan.

Whether you are a private individual merely wanting to shade a window or a multi-National company requiring a full project erect, rent and dismantle facilities, M.A Traders Engineer Works is fully capable of advising, organize and design scaffolding solutions to encounter your requirements. We are loyal to a timely achievement of all projects big or small, extended or short period and always go the extra mile to guarantee client gratification. Our scaffolding specialists are dedicated to providing a 24 hour, 7 days a week provision confirming your project runs to plan.

Our services regarding Scaffolding, Mobile folding, and other Safety equipment are supported by our maintenance team preserving all our working resources fully examined and in better condition. The wide-ranging portfolio of equipment of M.A Traders Engineer Works permits us to retort to the requirements of any situation within a very challenging sector. Moreover, we also run a large convoy of vehicles giving us all the logistical channels to convey all our equipment securely and professionally.

M.A Traders Engineer Works is also devoted to providing advanced, supportable and, protection, safe, access and sustenance solutions on any scale. The basic goal of M.A Traders Engineer Works to shorten the gap between the large nationals, and the small locally run corporations. Our goal is to deliver a package of work on the larger contracts that gave the client the big corporation product, but with an administration that made the job more special.

M.A Traders Engineer Works with a 100% directly employed staff, all fully skilled and accomplished within our own training program. We believe that the excellence of our business is based not just on the capability to proactively accomplish. The unique structure of M.A Traders Engineer Works allows to effectively manage the divergent needs of clients that result in reaching the goal of offering an efficacious contract, on period, on the budget.

Therefore, visit our web site to view the services that we offer and current projects that we have commenced which will support to give you a good understanding of the facilities you may need for your own project. You may contact us either by phone on 00000000 or 000@0000.

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